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Events and Seminars - Seminars on the G1000 Glass Cockpit

Max Trescott conducts a number of seminars on the Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit and on a variety of safety topics. Here's a list of upcoming seminars:

Date Location Time
May 12, 2010 West Valley Flying Club - Palo Alto, CA
"Flying the S.F. Bay Tour"
7:00 PM
May 13, 2010 EAA Chapter 29 - Hayward, CA
"Flying the S.F. Bay Tour"
7:00 PM
July 31, 2010 EAA Airventure - Oshkosh, WI
FAA Forums Building
"Tips for Flying WAAS Approaches"
8:30 AM

Request a Seminar
Flight Schools can request a seminar at their location. Simply send an email with the proposed date, location and number of people and we'll respond promptly to your request.

Learning to Fly the Garmin G1000
Now, there's finally a comprehensive guide to the popular Garmin G1000 glass cockpit: Max Trescott's G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook. Written by a Master CFI, this book makes it easy for you to quickly become an expert on operating and programming the G1000 system in any aircraft.


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March 2010:
New iPhone GPS Guides available for the Garmin 430 GPS and for the Garmin aera 500, 510, 550 and 560. Use as self-learning guides and quick reference checklists.