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Max Trescott's Learning Products for Garmin G1000 Pilots

Max Trescott's G1000 Glass Cockpit
Handbook with WAAS & Perspective

Get the single source of information that educates pilots about all of the features and benefits of flying the G1000, and how features vary among aircraft manufacturers. Whether you fly a Beechcraft, Cessna, Columbia, Diamond, Mooney or Tiger, you'll learn which G1000 features apply to your particular aircraft. Or, if you're planning to buy a new Very Light Jet (VLJ) like the Cessna Mustang or Diamond D-Jet, this book will help you prepare while you wait for delivery.

You'll learn about the PFD and MFD displays, audio panel, programming the GPS, electrical systems, using the autopilot and dealing with emergencies. A detailed discussion of instrument approaches, integrated with use of the autopilot, will help you become a pro. Advanced features, optional in some aircraft, such as TIS and TAS traffic monitoring systems, Stormscopes, and Terrain Awareness Warning Systems (TAWS) are discussed in detail. You'll also learn to use all of the data link weather features, like NEXRAD radar, satellite images, freezing level, winds aloft, AIRMETs, SIGMETS, TFRs,and METARs available through XM Satellite weather. Someday, all planes will be flown this way and with Max Trescott's G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook, you can learn how to fly them today. Soft cover, 244 pages, 40 in color, illustrated with more than 275 computer screen shots and photographs, glossary and index.

Max Trescott’s Garmin G1000
CD-ROM Course VFR + IFR (PC/Mac/Linux)

There is a revolution sweeping through general aviation. All new aircraft ship with advanced glass cockpits and pilots are faced with the challenge of transitioning to these new systems. The most popular system is the Garmin G1000, and now you can master the system yourself with this new CD-ROM set produced by the author of the popular Max Trescott's G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook.

Learning occurs best when information is presented in multiple ways, and Max Trescott's Garmin G1000 CD-ROM course teaches you in an interactive, multimedia environment that maximizes learning. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this CD course will help you master the basics or teach you the fine points of glass cockpit operation. Created and produced by a Master CFI that teaches daily in glass cockpit aircraft, this course not only explains the G1000 system, but teaches you how the features relate to everyday flying. Click here to view a free 5‐minute sample of the CD‐ROM Course.

Get the only G1000 CD-ROM course with the Searchable Learning System that makes learning fun and lets you easily find any information. Three views let you choose whether to zoom in for full screen displays of the presentation, or to select a view that includes the Searchable Learning System features.

This course includes:
● More than six hours on two CD-ROM’s
● Large, full screen views of displays
● Movie screen captures of operating knobs
● Printable G1000 front panel displays
● Tips from factory and Master CFI’s
● Narration by two CFI’s for easy listening
● Keyword searchable slides and transcripts
● Optional quizzes to reinforce key points
● Files that run on Windows, Macintosh and Linux

VFR course:
● For Garmin G1000 beginners and experts alike
● Skippable sections that let you get an overview or go into detail
● Teaches what you need prior to a first flight
● Organized in convenient 15 to 25 minute segments
● The easy way to carry detailed G1000 information in your laptop

IFR course:
● For instrument students and instrument rated pilots alike
● Introduces IFR as a set of structured processes
● Integrates use of the G1000 into the IFR processes
● Printable IFR process Chart, approach plates and glossary

Max Trescott's Online Garmin G1000 Courses
Glass Cockpit Publishing offers two G1000 Training Courses online -- one for VFR and one for IFR.
Both classes sell for $59 each.

In our VFR G1000 Transition Training course, you'll learn:

Benefits and Disadvantages of Glass Cockpits
G1000 System Architecture
Using the Primary Flight Display (PFD)
Operating the NAV & COM radios
Using the Engine Indication System
Using the Multifunction Display for Traffic, Weather, etc.
Flight Planning using the GPS
Details on using the KAP 140 Autopilot
Steps in a typical trip in a G1000 equipped Cessna 172

VFR Course

The IFR G1000 Transition Training course not only covers the G1000, but presents IFR as a series of structured processes. It thoroughly covers all of the major elements that IFR pilots need to remember during every phase of an IFR flight and integrates use of the G1000 into each of the IFR processes. Purchasing the courses provides online access to them for 90 days.

IFR Course

March 2010:
New iPhone GPS Guides available for the Garmin 430 GPS and for the Garmin aera 500, 510, 550 and 560. Use as self-learning guides and quick reference checklists.